Friday, March 2, 2012

Loki takes on the Avengers

Iron Man takes on Loki. 

Avengers - the movie, has been promoted with a lot of hype and tease. First, the short super Bowl commercial and then the full trailer that showed the star cast. Just when the fans thought they had got all the excitement they could have asked for, before the actual release of the movie, along came the second trailer.

What made this one interesting was the fact that very limited footage of the earlier trailer was used and some new drama and a load of action was put in to make this a jaw dropping and freakingly awesome trailer from the Marvel team. One could see the tension as the group gets formed for the first time in its history. The conflicts, fights and finally the coming together of Marvels finest and the best.

Hulk is being kept form being showcased a lot as he is the ultimate and the most powerful Avenger and the fans are dying to get a glimpse of him in action. What better than to show sneak peek of the green monster and his mentions by his buddies.

The image above has a dialog taking place between Loki, the bad guy, and Iron Man. Just this make me itch to see the green guy smash though Loki's army.

Then the after though set in ... what would Hulk think if he over heard Ironman say this. Probably jump in joy. The poor soul seriously needs a few smiles for sure.