Sunday, October 2, 2011

My first video upload on YouTube

Hi Guys,

I must say, I had a very good experience uploading my first video on YoutTube today. I had an old video which I had captured on my Nokia E71 a couple of years back and I felt like sharing it online. So I just did it.

I have been a YouTube user for quite some time but did not realize that there are so many features embedded into the website. Specially the personal screen. Now unfortunately you land on a home screen where you are shown 'activities', 'subscriptions' and 'recommendations'. But hidden in your profile name (which is click able) is your personalized screen where you see your uploads and your playlist. Now I know what you might say at this point, 'we it was there and we already know that'. True, but I dont understand why this feature has been pushed back.

One reasone I can think of is that its very 'Me' kind of interface. My playlist, uploads, subscriptions etc. And the default homescreen instead allows YouTube to push videos that are featured, recommended and advertised.

But having said that, I do miss this personalization of my YouTube account when I login to view videos.

Anyways, here is my video of my drive through Goa during the monsoons. IT was a beautiful experience and I love the video I captured. Though my Nokia N71 is not exactly the best phone for video capture, it has done a decent job. Sorry for the quality and lack of high resolution viewing. I think its time to get myself a video camera, portable i,e.