Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looks like a iPhone 5, will buy.

Read a tweet by Stephen Fry and it mention about adding something to ones gadget collection. There was a link to this suggestion too. What it lead to was truly baffling, real, funny and plausible. In fact, it was.

Have a look at this.
Tweet by Stephen Fry
Tweet by Stephen Fry

And this is the gadget of desire.

Bit like a iPhone 5
Bit like a iPhone 5

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Search for similar websites online

Discover alternative websites on SimilarSiteSerch.com

Your like to buy gifts online but do not know of any site to browse through. Not worries, there is a site which will tell you sites that might have what you are looking for. Check out SimilarSiteSearch.com.

The results are not local or regional but it provides a good list of sites that you can look through and decide on.

I was hunting for sites similar to Pinterest and was amazed to find 50 odd sites with design concept similar to Pinterest.

Check it out and happy surfing. 

Mixtape - Spooktastic (8Tracks)

Found this interesting MixTape on 8Tracks. A good collection of dubstep, electronic and house music to kick start a good party.

Maxthon, my internet surfing gear

Getting a smooth browsing experience on a 64Bit OS with Maxthon

Sending hours on the internet, one might take the browser for granted, or perhaps not. Well, I took it for granted since I had a choice among the best out there - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE (I would be play safe and mention version 9 here). Safety was always a 'be cautious' approach for me since non of the browsers truly are safe. As long as you drift around the Internet in safe waters, you will be alright.