When I first started writing online, my enthusiasm was driven by the knowledge that I had gathered over the years from my own personal experiences and my knowledge that was being applied through learning and practicing. But as I made an attempt to do that I realized that I was not taking other peoples interest and needs into consideration. Perhaps that's not what blogging would be all about. Perhaps, taking others point of view would diminish your own individual views and expression and may be dilute your the extension of your own belief online. Perhaps ...

All I needed was to understand what would excite people online and then see what is it that I can write that would match their expectations. Now you might say that I would then not be truly expressing what I want to write. True! But then, such writing would probably be suitable for my own personal diary or something more formal, like a book in the future. I would like to do that to some time in the distant future. Right now I am a budding blogger attempting to become a writer who can express his thoughts and emotions just like I can visualize my ideas though digital art and experience design. Thats what I professional passion has been till now.

Why simplify?
We are living in a ever complex world and with our need to advance, evolve and learn, we are research, developing and applying our discoveries and inventions to our everyday lives with increasing level of complexities. Almost like stacking levels of detailing where the hierarchy is making a clear view impossible to attain unless we deep dive into it or master it through education or learning. Knowledge is more than that. I don't need to know medicine to understand my own body and I don't have to be a sportsman to love a sport.  I just need to know enough to keep it interested and knowledgeable about what I am attempting. Thats where simplification comes in.

To simplify is to make it easily digestible and consumable so that it benefits you with least or perhaps effectively applied effort.

I would like to everyone to understand what is being written and not make this an exclusive or niche information outpost. Hope you enjoy what I share and I would be more than delighted and honored to have your views, feedbacks and information. I hope to make this a truly simplified and delightful everyday experience to be part of our everyday life.

Happy reading!