Monday, July 20, 2015

No barriers for the handicapped

An entire neighborhood planned a surprise for Muharrem from Turkey. The surprise was to communicate with him in sign language. This is a very emotional and powerful video. Muharrem was moved to tears when is realized what the community had done for him.

It takes a little effort and empathy towards to differently abled to understand the limitations under which they survive. A little effort from out end makes a world of difference to them.

Make an effort to change someones life. It will make a change in yours, bbeyond your wildest imagination.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A New Day

I think therefore I am. I have opinions therefore I blog.  

I have been taking a break from writing for quite some time. I think its time to get back to it.

The reason for me to stop blogging has been the lack of any initiation that motivated me to pen my thoughts. Been writing about stuff that interested me from around. But that all seem so boring beyond a few thoughts. What was it that I was suppose to blog about?

The answer to that lied in the question itself. Blog. Another way of saying 'Personal Diary'. Need I say more. This blog is about my thoughts. They can talk about everything and anything that I feed, is worth talking about. Because I think so. It may be right, it may be wrong or perhaps inconsequential. But to let it out of my system, gives me a sense of satisfaction. To think that I have expressed my view, the way I wanted it to, and in doing so, got better clarity to my thoughts.

Hope to be more regular from here on. Cheers!