Friday, January 11, 2019

URI : The Surgical Strike | India's Zero Dark Thirty

Uri: The Surgical Strike. Movie Scene. 

We as a nation have been attacked so many times that one tends to forget which specific attack this movie was based on. The last chapter titled "Bleed India With A Thousand Cuts' hits hard. The ugly truth about Pakistani Army sponsored terrorism in India, not just Kashmir. Don't forget Punjab.

For a moment (at least when watching this movie), suspend your thoughts on jingoism, government propaganda, pro-Government agenda and what not. Just try and watch this movie as is. Just try.

It is a movie worth watching. Energetic, Emotional, Entertaining, well crafted and well performed. The story had its flaws. For me it was the limited depth of character development. Still, you did felt for them when the time came. You will understand what I mean when you watch it.

My first, and surprising eyebrow raiser moment was when I saw Swaroop Sampat on screen after, I don't know, how many eons. Her performance just made me realize why I loved watching her get back on screen. The sound design in this movie was damn good. This is a movie to be watched in a theater. The story telling was a mix bag as who ever wrote it was trying to compliment documentary style narration with a protagonist centered story telling. That too when the spotlight of the story is an event and there are many conjoined facets to that story.

The movie style technically is a copy of American 'Zero Dark Thirty' with sound design inspired from several sources including 'Dunkirk'. At least its implemented well.

Now for the jingoism and propaganda part ...

Why do we need movies like these?

People have short memories. Generations are unaware of what the previous ones endured. The learning are easily lost in the vastness of information. Capitalist and Socialists countries are well known in making propaganda material. Be it to justify wars or glorify achievements (sports, technology, exploration, success etc.). Of course there are manipulations and distortions in the truth, but awareness is better than non at all.

Uri reminds us how leadership, decision making, execution and logistics are applied in taking national decisions. Irrespective of which government runs this country. This is a movie for all of us, the collective. We should remember what happened to us. How we responded and endured and grew from there on, as citizens and people. Not all of them are great, not all are success, not all are good. But we should remember so that when the time comes, we are well informed before taking the next decision as a society.

Movies like Uri, Parmanu, Border etc are needed just as individual biopics are needs to tell stories. Stories that shed some more light beyond the limits of a rectangular patch of print space or the click baiting article for views. If you hunger for some  more truth, do some more reading. :)

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Staring like the Rock

Searched "staring" on Google and found an explanation that said it all :)

Google search result for "Staring"No one can stare like the Rock / Dwayne Johnson does. Sometimes I feel he was a lot meaner and meanising when leaner in his WWE days. "Staring" : 

Friday, January 4, 2019

The End Of Insurance Agents As We Know It

Your insurance agent is online and faceless.

Technology and innovation is changing things around us for better or worst. The one constant in all this is change, the only constant. Nothing that's old school will last and soon shall become a legacy.

The same is true for our insurance agents too i suppose. I have been managing my policies through my insurance agents for all these years. Both life policies as well as health policies. Recently I got in touch with my insurance agent who is a working professional and a part time licensed insurance agent. I was surprised to know that she had discontinued working as a agent. The Insurance provider had added a new clause asking all agents to acquire a minimum number of new policies per year to ensure that their licenses remain renewed. And the renewal will be done yearly.   

Now, this might not sound as a unreasonable demand from the Insurance provider. But look at the current climate. Private players in the insurance sector are getting more and more aggressive with innovative policies to lure the customers. To add to this, most policies can now be purchased online without much hassle. There are successful and growing services that allow not only to purchase policies from multiple providers from one location, but also do the price and feature comparison before making a purchase decision. They also identify the right policies that would suit your needs. What ever they might be.

So, now you can purchase a policy where ever you are and at what ever time of your convenience. You can research policies and buy online with just your mobile phone. Pitch that against a agent who keeps calling for appointment or cheque collection and limited options for policy purchase and you have the inevitable solution staring right at you. To make matters worst for themselves, many agents dont even sell the best suited policies to their customers as the commissions on the policies are low.

New technology does not destroy industries or professions. They just weed out the redundant, out dated and the down right ineffective (or become ineffective) methods of doing things. Today online services (like PolicyBazaar, Coverfox, Acko and more) are the new agents. Faceless, on demand,  intelligent and customer driven.

Friday, February 9, 2018

5 Quick Health Fitness Activities For Busy Professionals

"Let me say this in the beginning itself that this content was published by HDFC Ergo as a newsletter I received lately. I found it to be very useful and practical self help. The reason for sharing the same is to keep it relevant and not just become a forgotten mail sitting in the inbox only to get deleted. The original mailer is attached below without any alteration whatsoever. "

I hope you find these health tips useful.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Iconic Street Art Of Dr Dadasaheb Phalke In Mumbai

Mumbai is behind when it comes to street art. You can find a lot of street art campaigns along the Tulsi Pipe road along the Western Railways barrier walls. You will find a few here and there, which are more of a nuisance. But hardly one's that are officially created by artists.

Here's one I clicked. Its located on the corporate building of MTNL (Maharashtra Telephone Nigam Limited) and it is dedicated to the legendary Dr. Dadasaheb Phalke, the father of Indian Cinema.

A photo posted by Hemant Nagwekar (@hemantnagwekar) on

If you ever get a chance, visit this place. Here's how you get there.

Dr Dadasaheb Phalke
Dr Dadasaheb Phalke