Sunday, October 2, 2011

My first video upload on YouTube

Hi Guys,

I must say, I had a very good experience uploading my first video on YoutTube today. I had an old video which I had captured on my Nokia E71 a couple of years back and I felt like sharing it online. So I just did it.

I have been a YouTube user for quite some time but did not realize that there are so many features embedded into the website. Specially the personal screen. Now unfortunately you land on a home screen where you are shown 'activities', 'subscriptions' and 'recommendations'. But hidden in your profile name (which is click able) is your personalized screen where you see your uploads and your playlist. Now I know what you might say at this point, 'we it was there and we already know that'. True, but I dont understand why this feature has been pushed back.

One reasone I can think of is that its very 'Me' kind of interface. My playlist, uploads, subscriptions etc. And the default homescreen instead allows YouTube to push videos that are featured, recommended and advertised.

But having said that, I do miss this personalization of my YouTube account when I login to view videos.

Anyways, here is my video of my drive through Goa during the monsoons. IT was a beautiful experience and I love the video I captured. Though my Nokia N71 is not exactly the best phone for video capture, it has done a decent job. Sorry for the quality and lack of high resolution viewing. I think its time to get myself a video camera, portable i,e.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Choices we make

Choices among choices

The work was done in Photoshop when I was helping my wife identify an image for a concept she was developing. Though it didn't work out because of my dark approach to the visual, I eventually kept it instead of trashing it. Felt like sharing my thoughs on this with all of you.

The though behind the visual was to show that sometimes the choices we make are not the ones that are available to us. Rather they are the choices that are made available to us by others or by circumstances. The distractions lure us to think about the possible and make us miss out on the obvious. Good or bad, right or wrong, critical or mundane .... there is always a pitch made to us.

Hope you like it.

Tweet long and prosper @TheRealNimoy

Tweet long and prosper Mr. Nimoy

I must say, for all the hype and hoopla about following celebs and famous people. I really am disappointed and kind of averse to doing the same. The reason being that there I will end up follwing a group of self obsessed nascisistics people tweeting about the mundane and the insignificant.

I am not saying that all of them are narcissistic or boring. In fact, if you hunt around a little bit, you will find some really interesting people around. His holiness the Dalai Lama is one such soul. He tweets every day, one tweet and that too with some interesting though about humanity, life and happiness ...  for you to take away.!/DalaiLama

But recently there was one personality that really caught my fascination. I saw the tweet profile of Leonard Nimoy and read his tweets and became a instant fan. Some of his tweets are , how should I put it, brilliant!

Love one of his recent tweets which said "My folks came to US as immigrants, aliens, and became citizens. I was born in Boston, a citizen, went to Hollywood and became an alien"

I will keep following you and give you my best wishes, Sir.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What does it mean ...

Found something funny and interesting when I read one of my friends tweet. Some one was searching for the term 'what does it mean ...' on google and as he was typing, he noticed that the search suggest gave him some really funny and weird options.
Here is the original post
Search prediction in 2010
So, I too tried the same and here is what I found.
Search prediction 2011
Don't know what to make of it frankly. From Poop to guy queries ... there seem to be no correlation or continuum. But never the less, search suggestion seem to change with time for sure. Find out your own interesting google suggestions that baffles you and share it with me if you can. Its mundane but interesting coming to think of it. If search algorithms are intelligent, they sure seem to be learning a lot from us and what we seek. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Worlds on fire, make a weekend plan

Saw the latest Prodigy DVD release, Worlds on fire. Must say, it was one good evening I had with my speakers thundering to the pulsating live performance of this awesome band. The concert was recorded when they performed live at the Milton Keynes Bowl at the Warriors dance festival in 2010.

The performance was, as mentioned earlier, fantastic but the direction of the live concert left a lot to be desired. I was hoping this to be one of the collectors items to be add to my live music concerts collection. But it fell short of it. The visuals failed to capture the energy of the band and the crowd. Never the less, a very memorable concert from the electronic bangers.

The convert line-up songs had most of the 'Invaders must die' songs and then transition to the oldies in the later half. All in all, there are 17 tracks to enjoy. There is a complimentary CD that covers the same concert in audio format. Highlight of the concert, for me, was 'Thunder' in which Liam Howlett belts out a dubstep version of the song.There are some more extras in the DVD which quite frankly are repeats for Prodigy fans as most of them (videos) are already there on the Prodigy's official website

Prodigy Live DVD - Worlds on fire

Here is the main song lineup in case you wanna know,
Intro, Breathe, Omen, Colours, Thunder, Warrior's dance, Firestarter, Run with the wolves, Weather experience, Voodoo people, Omen reprise, Invaders must die. Smack my bitch up, Take me to the hospital, Everybody in the place, Their law, Out of space.

It was a good purchase. Share it with your friends, they would love it too. If not the DVD, you would definitely be playin' the CD again and again and again .... Prodigy Rocks!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Google says ... Scott say's ...

Finally decided to take a plunge into and start my blog. Must say, I do like as of now. Hope to keep that feeling alive. Cant say that for Scott Griepentrog as he seems to have been really pissed off by Google.

I happened to check out the 'Sites' tool by Google and it mentions what its users have to say about sites. Scotts comments are the first to be showcased. Went on to click the URL (www.StG.Net) to get a rather funny and amusing sight. 

Scotts comment on Google sites

Scott is very unhappy with Google and has put his domain on sale for $60,000. It seems that google has shut down his adsense account. And to add insult to his injuries, he was not paid $200 which he had earned from Adsense. Now I do not know what exactly happened but looks like google made another enemy (as worded by Scott). 

Scott Griepentrog's comment on his site

I hope not to meet a similar fate Google.