Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why I love my iBall Slide Android 2.3 tablet

When everyone is talking about the fastest and the most badass tablets on earth, here I am raving about a Rs12000 tablet. We are currently at a point when quadcore tablets would become a norm of some sort. But my needs are very basic and I need something that would suffice what I really, really need.

So what  do I need?
  • I want a device that disconnects me from power chords. And any other cords, for that matter.
  • Keeps me mobile even when I am accessing digital information.
  • Gives me internet on the go.
  • Pocketable and easy to carry. And not a pain to handle.
What do I want to to do with it?
  • Surf in internet, access mails and chat.
  • Access some social apps.
  • Read some books and play some music.
  • Watch videos and movies.
iBall Slide hardware features
All dream ports that you want in your tablet.

Without going through the BS of how I bought this device, here is why I bought one.
  • Surprisingly, a very responsive screen
  • Good display quality
  • Access to USB port and SD card slot.
  • 7 inch screen (very convenient)
  • Decent audio speakers onboard.
  • And most importantly, Price point
Some cons that I will have to live with.
  • No sim card slot, but there is provision for a 3G dongle through USB port.
  • Android 2.3. Already ICS (4.0) is coming in all new devices.
  • 720p playback. Which is half HD.
  • A bit chunky and not that stylish.
  • Confusing button structure.
  • Need to purchase a mini to regular HDMI cable.
  • Low cost means I don’t have to be extra protective about the device. Yet it is sturdy enough for a little rough handling.
  • Preloaded apps to manage unnecessary background apps. I hate android for allowing apps to activate on their own. There is a limited provision to set apps not to do so.
  • USB port can take 32Gb and the SDcard slot can take another 32GB. Inbuilt space is 8GB. So a total of 72Gb can be played with at any given point. That's awesome!
  • A hard boot always comes handy. Though I never really have had to use it yet.
  • iBall has done a very limited customization. But they sure come handy and I thank them for that. Especially the ESTask Manager and ES File Explorer app.
So there you are. A short and to-the-point reason for my choice. The only thing you need to be prepared to do is swallow your pride when someone next to you is on a Samsung Galaxy Tab or a iPad 2 and you are with this gear.

It’s ok, you made a smart move and are not a show-off  :)