Monday, June 2, 2014

Do You Know How Many People Walked The Moon?

Men who landed on the moon
Men Who Landed On The Moon

I am quite surprise at my limited knowledge on such an important feat. On a discussion with a friend, I got a bit curious as to who was the third person to land on the moon. Niel Armstrong and Buzz Alderin are known world over and mentioned in academics globally. But, my curiosity was to find the next one to have landed there, if there was a third person to land on the moon.

Guess what, twelve people had landed on the moon. Twelve!

Here are the 12 names for those who are as surprised as I am.  The list is in chronological order.

  1. Neil Alden Armstrong
  2. Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin
  3. Charles 'Pete' Conrad
  4. Alan Bean
  5. Alan Shepard
  6. Edgar D. Mitchell
  7. David Randolph Scott
  8. James B. Irwin
  9. John Watts Young
  10. Charles M. Duke Jr.
  11. Harrison 'Jack' Schmitt
  12. Eugene A. Cernan
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