Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maxthon, my internet surfing gear

Getting a smooth browsing experience on a 64Bit OS with Maxthon

Sending hours on the internet, one might take the browser for granted, or perhaps not. Well, I took it for granted since I had a choice among the best out there - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE (I would be play safe and mention version 9 here). Safety was always a 'be cautious' approach for me since non of the browsers truly are safe. As long as you drift around the Internet in safe waters, you will be alright.

Anyways, things were all good till I got myself a laptop which happened to have a 64bit Windows 7 operating system. The laptop was is fast and so are most of the software's running on it. But the Internet experience fell short of what was desired. In fact it was pathetic to say the least. IE 9 was, believe it or not, the fastest browser. Now, IE 9 on Win 7 comes in 64bit version. That could be one of the reasons for the better performance since neither Chrome nor FireFox have official 64bit versions.

Technically, a 32bit browser should not matter as it should work fine on a 64bit OS. But the challenge is with the plugins like Flash which crop up issues. The scroll was horrible and even tabbing though pages stuttered a lot. even doing tasks like ticking the checkboxes and radio buttons felt like I experience some sort of digital friction or sorts.

One surprising discovery was that the Maxthon browser. For those who do not know what Maxthon is, here is a quick history. Maxthon was running normally with no issues at all. This was quite a surprise and a pleasure too as I have been using Maxthon on my home and office laptop and syncing up my preferences, bookmarks and quick launch screens to have a seamless experience.

I have started to love this browser for a lot of reasons. Here are some which I would like to highlight.

  1. Allow for syncing your Maxthon on all machines
  2. Night mode that allows user to read an article like its a book page (removes everything else around it and changes background & text colors to make it easy on the eyes)
  3. In browser sticky notes for those quick note taking
  4. A snap shot tool for taking screen grabs.
  5. split screen mode 
  6. very intuitive and customizable gestures
  7. Custom proxy options

There is a lot more to this browser. Try it out for your self to make a judgement.