Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looks like a iPhone 5, will buy.

Read a tweet by Stephen Fry and it mention about adding something to ones gadget collection. There was a link to this suggestion too. What it lead to was truly baffling, real, funny and plausible. In fact, it was.

Have a look at this.
Tweet by Stephen Fry
Tweet by Stephen Fry

And this is the gadget of desire.

Bit like a iPhone 5
Bit like a iPhone 5

Here is the article link (if you are the luck one to catch this before it gets sold. Seriously!
Used cardboard
Product for sale on eBay. Want one? 
I admire this 'mrbottlesfriend' (seller) for being innovative. I would seriously not mind consider to buyi this junk for the sellers creativity, if only it was being sold in my country.

Sometimes it makes me wonder, if my desire for purchasing a product has really got to do with the product or with me. Too often have I said 'I want one' without really analyzing why I want one. Do I really need it or is it that I am feeding some other need which I really don't seem to understand.

That stuff seems a bit too much ... Oh well, I am bidding for this piece of crap for its creativity. Done!