Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Straight Jacket - Anime Movie

Straight Jacket is a short series by Ichirō Sakaki with illustrations by Yō Fujishiro, published by Fujimi Shobo. It was made into a three part anime series which was then released worldwide as an anime movie.

Straight Jacket - the Movie

Its based on a future world where magic and sorcery co-exist with science and technology and has been integrated into every aspect of human life. The story revolves around the protagonist Rayotte Steinberg.
[SIC: Anime]
Rayotte Steinberg, a lone wolf "tactical sorcerist", fights against monsters. They used to be human beings, but they have overused forbidden power, magic, to turn into monsters. What he wears is "mold", the straitjacket that keeps him human. He carries an explosive magic wand. If he casts magic, he moves one step closer to being a monster. If he doesn't, he will be killed. Among the harsh battles, he will face a sin he committed in the past.

Its a story of redemption, friendship and love. Although they all are layered into this fictional dark thriller involving sorcery, balck magic and demons. A good watch. Enjoy!