Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ableton Live 9 is coming soon!

New Ableton Live 9 and Ableton Push 

And guess what? there is a new gadget coming soon to ride this monster too.

Ableton live is one of the most innovative DAW (Digital audio Workstation) software's available in the market. What makes it unique is the ability to compose tracks and create clip launch scenes which can be use for live performances.

I am a Ableton fan and use it as a hobby. The recent update that Ableton has come out with is something worth talking about.

Albeton Live 9 and Push. Ableton Live 9 will be released soon and as an introductory offer, they are providing a discount on Live 8 with a free upgrade to Live 9. That's something.

And to add to it, Albeton is introducing Push, a Albeton controller, in collaboration with Akai Pro, that allows a musician the ability to use Live 9 without having to touch the laptop and completely focusing on the music production process. We earlier had Akai Pro APC 40 to do that, but the Push takes it to a whole new level.

Here is the video of the launch event.

The Offer by Ableton

Ableton is providing a 25% discount on Ableton Live 8 with a free update to Ableton 9 when it gets launched. That's fantastic for those who always wanted Live 8. Existing owners of Live Lite or earlier versions of Live will be eligible for further discounts and lower upgrade cost which brings down the cost considerably. You would have to login to your Ableton account to check for the applicable discounts.

Early opinion of Push

I saw the demo video of Push which Ableton has shared from one of its launch video. Its quite complex and if you are a novice user or someone new to Ableton, you might want to stick to APC 40's or Novation Launchpads for the time being. A more advanced user with exceptional skills in using Ableton would benefit from Push and its got (what I believe) a sharp learning curve. Missing knobs make it very pressy (sorry for the lack of better word). But then, its just an observation. Its still a awesome device.