Monday, December 3, 2012

Life in a frame - Skyfall

I was travelling to Mumbai on a flight that took me to the sky with a magical view. What was even more exciting was the fact that I could take some of this beauty as a memory with me back home.

Skyfall, taken with my Nokia E71
All I could think of was 'Skyfall' 
Got this beautiful view captured on my Nokia E71. I was quite surprised to see the blues that got captured in this picture. No polarizer filter or Photoshop effect, just a simple camera phone, that too with a not so good camera.

The way the clouds were spread over the sky, it felt like heaven. "Somewhere out there must be a gate to the other world", I thought. "Can't believe we live on such a wonderful world." 

After discussing this picture with my friend Prashant Singh, I thought of conforming this pic to the 'rule of thirds'. Here is the same picture with some level balancing and image cropping only. 

Skyfall - Image cropped to get the sky lower in the frame. Giving 'Skyfall' a better visual interpretation.

Let me know what you think.