Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buying a DSLR with a Pro Body or a Pro Lens?

There are a lot of amateurs like me who want to get into photography with DSLR cameras. Some have a lot of money to splurge and afford the latest and the most advanced DSLR's. Other, like me, think ten times or perhaps a hundred times before even making a decision to go ahead and buy a DSLR. For folks who fall in the later category, the burning question is how to manage the spending and make an optimum choice.

"Do I buy a high end DSLR and work with the cheapest deal on a lens in the remaining money? or, do I buy a basic amateur DSLR and invest in a good quality lens?"

Many must have pondered over the question of how to budget their pocket money so that they are at least left with some to buy a decent meal after making the purchase or perhaps buy a ticket to take a ride home. Well, that scenario might be too far fetched but the question is not.

The folks at DigitalRevTV came up with this video to answer this question. Do watch if you are facing such a dilemma.