Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jolla - Smart phone with a personality

Jolla Phone with Sailfish OS and customizable phone covers

Ever since the announcement of the Jolla phone, I have been eagerly anticipating the release this new phone in the market. My interest in Jolla brew with two key ingredients -
  • It was started by Nokia's ex employee's.
  • It was open source 
The nokia culture and design has always been the key to its success. I could understand the disappointment when Nokia abandoned the Meego  project and went on to embrace the Windows platform. Open source has always been the heart of Nokia's software philosophy. So, for someone who always loved their handsets, the liking for opensource went beyond just trust. It was also in experience.

When Jolla was announced, they got Sailfish Operating System as the default opensource OS for their handset. For those who have experienced The Nokia N9, the user experience would seem very familiar.

Now that the Finish company has just launched this handset for the EU market, I can only hope and anticipate its launch in Asia, and specifically India. Check out this advert for the handset which sets the tone for Jolla's user base.