Saturday, December 7, 2013

iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 start selling in India

So, finally the long wait is over. The new line up of iPad's are out in the Indian market. They are slimmer, smaller, lighter and better in every possible way when compared with the older generation of their siblings.

iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 now in India

iPad Air : Starts from Rs. 35,900/- for the 16Gb Wifi model and Rs.44,900/- for the 16Gb 4G+Wifi model.

iPad Mini 2: Starts from Rs.28,500/- for 16Gb Wifi model and Rs.37,900/- for the 16Gb 4G+Wifi model

Is it worth the purchase?
It depends. If you already own a iPad 2 or above and you are not a gamer on the go, you are fine with your current ipad. I got a iPad 2 and it still rocks, even with iOS7.

If you don't own an ipad yet, you can now think of owning one. And its no more just the mini to consider for the size, the iPad Air too is quite small when compared to the older generation iPad's. So, choose the right one that fits your usage. For 'home only' users, I would recommend a iPad Air. Mini 2 is for the mobile users.

And for the Apple enthusiasts, nothing like getting the latest iPad aye!?