Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Worlds on fire, make a weekend plan

Saw the latest Prodigy DVD release, Worlds on fire. Must say, it was one good evening I had with my speakers thundering to the pulsating live performance of this awesome band. The concert was recorded when they performed live at the Milton Keynes Bowl at the Warriors dance festival in 2010.

The performance was, as mentioned earlier, fantastic but the direction of the live concert left a lot to be desired. I was hoping this to be one of the collectors items to be add to my live music concerts collection. But it fell short of it. The visuals failed to capture the energy of the band and the crowd. Never the less, a very memorable concert from the electronic bangers.

The convert line-up songs had most of the 'Invaders must die' songs and then transition to the oldies in the later half. All in all, there are 17 tracks to enjoy. There is a complimentary CD that covers the same concert in audio format. Highlight of the concert, for me, was 'Thunder' in which Liam Howlett belts out a dubstep version of the song.There are some more extras in the DVD which quite frankly are repeats for Prodigy fans as most of them (videos) are already there on the Prodigy's official website www.prodigy.co.uk.

Prodigy Live DVD - Worlds on fire

Here is the main song lineup in case you wanna know,
Intro, Breathe, Omen, Colours, Thunder, Warrior's dance, Firestarter, Run with the wolves, Weather experience, Voodoo people, Omen reprise, Invaders must die. Smack my bitch up, Take me to the hospital, Everybody in the place, Their law, Out of space.

It was a good purchase. Share it with your friends, they would love it too. If not the DVD, you would definitely be playin' the CD again and again and again .... Prodigy Rocks!