Sunday, August 14, 2011

What does it mean ...

Found something funny and interesting when I read one of my friends tweet. Some one was searching for the term 'what does it mean ...' on google and as he was typing, he noticed that the search suggest gave him some really funny and weird options.
Here is the original post
Search prediction in 2010
So, I too tried the same and here is what I found.
Search prediction 2011
Don't know what to make of it frankly. From Poop to guy queries ... there seem to be no correlation or continuum. But never the less, search suggestion seem to change with time for sure. Find out your own interesting google suggestions that baffles you and share it with me if you can. Its mundane but interesting coming to think of it. If search algorithms are intelligent, they sure seem to be learning a lot from us and what we seek.