Friday, August 5, 2011

Google says ... Scott say's ...

Finally decided to take a plunge into and start my blog. Must say, I do like as of now. Hope to keep that feeling alive. Cant say that for Scott Griepentrog as he seems to have been really pissed off by Google.

I happened to check out the 'Sites' tool by Google and it mentions what its users have to say about sites. Scotts comments are the first to be showcased. Went on to click the URL (www.StG.Net) to get a rather funny and amusing sight. 

Scotts comment on Google sites

Scott is very unhappy with Google and has put his domain on sale for $60,000. It seems that google has shut down his adsense account. And to add insult to his injuries, he was not paid $200 which he had earned from Adsense. Now I do not know what exactly happened but looks like google made another enemy (as worded by Scott). 

Scott Griepentrog's comment on his site

I hope not to meet a similar fate Google.