Thursday, October 25, 2012

Joe Biden's Greatest Hits

I came across this article some time back on which was to do with the usual US (and as a matter of fact, International Politics) of picking on your opponents words to to attack them. It may be something they said without thinking of the consequence or perhaps their words were taken out of context or its was just plain old tit-for-tat politics to keep the voters occupied with the inconsequential aspects of the governance or government. This time it was Joe Biden who said something to which the Republicans were having a field day blasting off a salvo of criticism at him.

As one scrolls down the article, there is something of a surprise that one encounters. 'The Greatest Hits of Joe Biden'. What? Is it really?

There is a playlist of songs created on Spotify which are a humorous take on Joe Biden's gaffe prone speeches and perhaps public interaction spells.

Here is the first politically humorous playlist (which I ever encountered) for your listening pleasure.